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Marketing, promotion, advertising, public relations, special eventsmarketing has become one of the key components of virtually all medical practiceseducating existing patients; reaching out to the potential pool of new patients; maintaining professional contact with current referring physicians and their support staff, and constantly searching for new referring physicians.

While the start up costs for such a marketing plan are typically significant (as compared to the more casual promotional approach) a well-organized marketing plan usually levels off costs over time so that it can be easily budgeted and amortized, both for the upfront investment and for maintenance of the program over sustained periods of time. 

Marketing should be viewed not as a cost center, but a profit center for the medical practicemarketing plan developed by experienced and savvy marketing professionals, reviewed periodically for effectiveness, designed for physician input, and with built-in evaluation of progress being made are necessary components for success of any established medical practice. 

The medical profession is changing and as healthcare professionals initiate marketing programs, more accurately described as professional practice development programs, it will become increasingly more important to educate and inform referring physicians and potential patients. It is also important to maintain the financial base and grow the practice.

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